Bulk Import One-Off and Salary and Allowances through Cintra Cloud

Bulk Import One-Off and Salary and Allowances through Cintra Cloud

Do you input multiple payments into your payroll on a period basis?  If so why not use our one-off and salary and allowance import tools.  

From the payroll page in Cintra Cloud you will have access to both one-off and salary and allowances tools (depending on your security access).  When you access each payment upload screen you will notice the look and feel is similar to importing new starters. 

Download your payment template and once completed import into Cintra Cloud, y our data will then be validate.  If there are any errors we will display the errors on the screen and also point out the row number and employee affected enabling you to quickly locate the invalid data in your spreadsheet. 

Once all data issues have been resolved, click on the Complete Import button and your payments will be imported into your payroll.  

Want to know more click on the following links to view our how-to guides:
  1. Salary and Allowances Import
  2. One-Off Payment Import

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