Cintra Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cintra Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cintra Cloud?

Our brand new cloud-based portal makes outsourcing your payroll with us easier than ever. It has been designed to increase efficiency and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks across your business, as well as ensuring all of your data is kept safe and secure. It enables you to easily share important documents, add employee data, and view reports, from one central location.

What Functionality is Available?

The features and functionality in Cintra Cloud are continually evolving.  We have adopted agile and lean development meaning as soon as development has been completed, we will push new features to your Cintra Cloud Environment.  This means you will get access to new functionality on a regular basis, in some cases this could be daily. 

Are There Any Help Guides?

Yes, we have an online Help Center that contains numerous how to guides for Cintra Cloud.  Please click here to see all our Cintra Cloud articles, the number of how to guides will grow as we introduce new functionality in Cintra Cloud. 

How Do I Communicate With Cintra OSS Team?

Within your Cintra Cloud portal you will have access to our messaging module, using the module you will be able to securely communicate with Cintra’s OSS Team.  

I Have Multiple Employers, Can Cintra Cloud Handle This?

Yes, from the Cintra Cloud homepage you can select your Employers, once selected you will be presented with a list of payrolls that are linked to the Employer’s PAYE Reference.

How Do I Setup New Starters?

Using the employee import tool you are able to import new starters into your Cintra Cloud payroll.  Step by step instructions along with import file requirements can be found on Cintra Help Centre.  Click on the following link for more information How Do I Import New Starters into Cintra Cloud?
Please ensure you have entered the correct employment ID prior to completing the import. 
Incorrect allocation of employment ID in your spreadsheet could lead to an existing employees record being updated. 
  1. Supplementary actions:
    1. P45
      You will need upload P45 details to your OSS Team through Cintra Messaging so they can complete your new starter setup.
    2. Employee is an apprentice
      We will be building functionality in Cintra Cloud during April enabling you to enter this information through Cintra Cloud portal.  Whilst we are building this information we kindly ask you to inform your OSS Team if the employee is an apprentice. 

How Do I Update Employee Details

From the payroll page you will be able to view and edit employee details in your Cintra Cloud environment.  You will be able to update the following information:

  1. Employee details
    1. Title
    2. First Name
    3. Middle Name
    4. Surname
    5. Gender
    6. DOB
    7. Address 1 
    8. Address2
    9. Address3
    10. Address4
    11. Post Code
    12. Country
    13. NI Number
    14. Marital Status
    15. Email Address Main
    16. Email Address Alternative
    17. Nationality
    18. Religion

  1. Employment
    1. Employment ID (READ ONLY)
    2. From Date
    3. To Date
    4. Continuous Service Start Date
    5. Employment Status
    6. Reason for leaving
    7. Paypoint

  1. Payment
    1. Sort Code
    2. Acc. No.
    3. Acc. Ref.
    4. Acc. Name
    5. Autopay ID
    6. Payment Method (BACS, Cash, Cheque, Building Society/transfer)

  2. Cost Codes
    1. Cost Account (Category Name)
    2. Cost Department (Category Code)
    3. Allocation Percentage (Split Factor)
For more information visit our Edit Employee Details in Cintra Cloud article. 

How Do I Import One-Off Payments?

Using the one-off payment import tool you are able to import one-off payments into your Cintra Cloud payroll.  Step by step instructions along with import file requirements can be found on Cintra Help Centre.  Click on the following link for more information How Do I Import One-Off Payments into Cintra Cloud?

How Do I Import and Update Salary and Allowances?

Using the salary and allowance import tool you are able to both import and update salary and allowances in your Cintra Cloud payroll.  Step by step instructions along with import file requirements can be found on Cintra Help Centre.  Click on the following link for more information How Do I Import Salary and Allowances in Cintra Cloud?

Can I Use My Own Templates?

At this point in time you are unable to use your own templates, to import data through Cintra Cloud you will need to make sure the template you upload is in the format Cintra Cloud is expecting.  Templates can be downloaded from the desired upload page (New Starter / One-Off Payments / Salary and Allownaces) in Cintra Cloud.

Does Cintra Cloud Maintain Employee Address History

Unfortunately not, the address details held in Cintra Cloud represent employees current address.  

How Do I Update Working Patterns?

Our team are working on building working pattern functionality into Cintra Cloud, if any employees have a change of working pattern please send a message to your Cintra OSS Team and they will update the pattern in Cintra.

How Do I View Employee Current Period Pay Summary Information?

From the payroll page you will be able to view employees’ previous period and current period net pay.  Further pay information can be viewed on a per employee basis by accessing the Employee Pay Summary form. 

What Reports Are Available?

Our team are working on reporting functionality, we understand reports are important and in the first instance your OSS Team will publish a report pack containing the following reports:

  1. Exception Report
  2. Summary Payslip Report
  3. Duplicate Bank Details
  4. Duplicate Name
  5. Payroll Analysis Summary
  6. Payment Run Details
  7. Altered Pay
  8. Company Sick Pay
  9. Costing 421 Report

How Do I Set up Loans?

Loans will be setup and managed by your OSS Team.  If you need to setup a loan please inform your OSS Team through the Cintra Messaging module.

An Employee Needs To Be Excluded From, or Opted Out of Auto-Enrolment: What Do I Do?

Your OSS Team will carry out Auto-Enrolment assessment on a period basis assessing the eligibility of employee.  In the event an employee needs to be excluded from auto-enrolment or they have decided to opt out, please message your Cintra OSS Team. 

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