How Do I Create Self-Service Users?

How Do I Create Self-Service Users?

As the user administrator, you can create Self-Service accounts and send Self-Service users emails which contain their usernames and password. When a user first logs into Self-Service with the emailed password, they are prompted to change their password to one of their own choice. Each new user is automatically assigned one or more roles, depending on how they are set up.

To create users 

  1. Login to Self-Service as the User Administrator.
  2. Within the Users menu, click Create Users. The Create Users - Select Employees page appears. 
    Note: In order for the employee to have an account, they need to have an active employment record and have no existing user account.
  3. Search for the desired employee(s). 
    1. Enter the employee's name in the search box. 
    2. Click the Search Employees button. The employee appears in the Employees with no User Account pane. 
  4. Transfer the desired employee(s) to the User Accounts to Create pane. 
    Highlight the employee record and click the Forward arrow.
  5. Click the Next button. The Create Users -Set up Accounts page appears. 

  6. Set the employee's details by performing the following:
    1. Change the Username
    2. Change the Password
    3. Edit the Assigned Role. 
    4. Edit Multiple Roles for multiple users. 
    5. Set Payslips and P60s to print automatically by selecting the employee's Printed Payslip/P60 option.
  7. Click the Next button. The Create Users - Send Email Credentials page appears. 
  8. Select the employee's Identifier check box. The Email Credentials and Remove Account buttons become active.
  9. Perform either or all of the following:
    1. Email usernames and passwords to the desired employee(s). For more information, see How Do I Email Logon Credentials to Employees?  
      IMPORTANT! Please be aware that login and password details can only be emailed at this point. These details cannot be sent once the page is exited.
    2. Remove the Account from the application. 
    3. Download the Users Account details to a .csv format. For more information, see How Do I Report on User Account Details? 
      IMPORTANT! Please be aware that the downloaded user account .csv file contains confidential information.
  10. Click the Cancel button to exit.

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