How Do I Import Employee Salary Related Pension Band Data?

How Do I Import Employee Salary Related Pension Band Data?

You can easily update the employee salary related pension bands into Cintra iQ by importing the data through the Interface Connector. This is useful if you want to update all the bands at one time instead of manually entering the data for each band separately in the pension scheme's Salary Related Contribution record .

For more information about the Interface Connector, see How Do I Manage Interface Files?
  1. Create a csv file with Salary Related Pension Band data.
    Ensure the csv file contains the data for the following headers:
    1. Pension_Scheme_Name
    2. Pension_Contribution_Name
    3. Date_Effective_From
    4. Band_Percentage
    5. Earnings_Limit
  2. Import the data via the Interface Connector.
    1. Go to Cintra iQ: Tools> Interfaces. The Interface Definitions window appears.
    2. From the IN drop-down list, open Import Employee Salary Related Pension Bands. The Interface History- Import Employee Salary Related Pension Bands window appears.
    3. Click the Load File button. The Select File to Load window appears.
    4. Load the desired csv file.
    5. Click the Process Unprocessed File button. The file is processed and is marked Good To Go.
    6. Click Close to exit. The process is logged on the Interface Definitions window.
  3. View the update in Employee Pension Contributions.
    1. Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Setup> Benefit Schemes> Pension/Other Benefits. The Pension/Benefit Scheme window appears.
    2. Open the desired salary related Pension/Benefit Scheme definition.
    3. Navigate to the Contributions tab.
    4. Open the desired scheme's Salary Related Contribution record. Its Pension Scheme Contribution window appears.
    5. Navigate to the Employee Contribution Rates tab. The updates are appears from effective date. 
    6. Click Cancel to exit. 

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