How Do I Import One-Off Payments into Cintra Cloud?

How Do I Import One-Off Payments and Deductions into Cintra Cloud?

You can import one-off payments and deductions into  Cintra Cloud using the  Cintra Cloud One-Off Payments Import Template

To import one-off payments and deductions 

1. Login to Cintra Cloud

To import one-off payments, login to   Cintra Cloud as usual.  
  1. Open a browser and navigate to https:\\
  2. Sign-in with your email address and password.
  3. Enter the code sent to your mobile phone.

2. Access one-off payment import page

Before users can import data using the employee import tool you will need to add a  One-Off Payment Import security profile through the Manage Users form.
  1. Select the desired Payroll on the home page. The Payroll's dashboard appears.

  2. Click the ONE-OFF PAYMENTS button. The Add one-off payments page appears.

3. Download the one-off payment import template

In order to import one-off payments into Cintra Cloud, you need to populate a one-off payment import template.  Click on the DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE button on the Add one-off payments page.

A copy of the oneOFFPayment.xlsx template is now downloaded. 

Cintra Cloud One-Off Payment Import Template

4. Bulk import one-off payment data

Once you have completed your one-off payment import spread sheet and you are in a position to import the data into your payroll, you can upload your spread sheet through Cintra CloudNote: Each import needs to pass through validation checks before data can be imported into your payroll. 
  1. Upload your spreadsheet by performing either of the following:
    1. Drag a copy of the .xslx file into the upload box.

    2. Browse your local computer by clicking on the browse this device link. 

      Once you have uploaded your file, Cintra Cloud validates your data.  If there are no validation issues you are presented with the following page.
      At this point one-off payments have not been imported into your payroll.  

  2. Click the Complete Import  button to import the one-off payments into your Payroll

    Once one-off payments have been imported, you will be presented with the following message.

  3. Click the Exit Import button to exit the import tool.
If any validation issues are displayed on the Add one-off payments page, these errors need to be corrected in your spreadsheet.  Once corrected, you need to re-import your spreadsheet and Cintra Cloud will re-validate your data.

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