How Do I Manage Users within Cintra Cloud?

How Do I Manage Users within Cintra Cloud?

1. Login to Cintra Cloud

To manage users, login to Cintra Cloud as usual. 

  1. Open a browser and navigate to https:\\
  2. Sign-in with your email address and password.
  3. Enter the code sent to your mobile phone.
    Note: Only users with the User Admin role can manage users, if you do not have this role, speak to your administrator.

2. Access Users/Hub

To create or edit users you must navigate to the users/hub.
  1. Click the menu icon  in the top left corner.

  2. Click Manage Users in the slide out menu. 

    The users/hub will display a grid of all existing users.

    Note: If you do not see the Manage Users option in the slide out menu, then you do not have the User Admin role and you need to speak to your administrator.

3. Create New Users

To create a new user:
  1. Click the Create User button at the bottom of the user/hub page.

  2. Fill in all the details on the pop-up form.
  3. Select the desired roles and Payrolls.

  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up form.

4. Edit Existing Users

To edit an existing user
  1. Click Manage users in the slide out menu.

  2. Click the surname of the user you wish to edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes in the pop-up form.

  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the pop-up form.

5. Assign Roles to Users

Roles are used within Cintra Cloud to grant users access to functionality.
  1. Manager roles give certain access to employee details, access to new starter details, one-off payments, and salary and allowances. Note: The user cannot assign Payroll roles when Manager roles are selected. 
  2. Payroll roles give access to employee details, reporting, messaging, one-off payments, and salary and allowances.  Note: The user cannot assign Manager roles when Payroll roles are selected.  
  3. User Administrator role allows a user to create and manager other users.
  4. Group Administrator role allows a user to create and manage groups.

To assign a role to a user:

In the Select Roles section, click the desired role(s). 

When the button is coloured blue, the user has been assigned the role.

To remove a role from a user: 

Click a blue button so that it turns grey.

6. Assign Permissions to View Payroll Reports

In order to use the archive of payroll reports, users must be given both:
  1. A Payroll role.
  2. Access to individual payrolls.
When a user has access to a payroll, the user can see all reports for that payroll.
When a report contains information from multiple payrolls, then users must have access to all of those payrolls in order to see the report.

To assign payroll access to a user

  1. Click below Select Payrolls to drop-down the list of available payrolls. 

  2. Click the desired payroll. When a payroll is displayed as a blue button, it is assigned to the user.

To remove a payroll from a user 

Click the blue button


User administrators create and edit users in the context of an Organisation.
Organisation context is selected either:
  1. During the login process

  2. From the horizontal navigation bar

Note: When users require access to multiple organisations, they must be created in each.

7. Sign Out of Cintra Cloud

It is best practice to sign out each time you are finished with a Cintra Cloud session. 

  1. Click your name in the top right. A menu appears.
  2. Click Sign Out.

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