How Do I Set up Security Questions within Self-Service?

How Do I Set up Security Questions within Self-Service?

When you log in to Self-Service for the first time, you are  prompted to set up password recovery information, whereby you choose questions from a predefined list. Once you select a question, you are then prompted to enter an answer that is personal to you. These questions are used by the system to identify you, in order for you to recover your password.
Until you have set your security questions, you  will always get a reminder. Or you can choose never to set them by checking the Don't ask me again check box.
The Security Questions themselves are standard questions about memorable people and places in your life, phrased so that you can remember the  answers easily. You can change or update the Security Questions when necessary through the Settings menu, once you have signed in to Self-Service

After you first log in to Self-Service, you are prompted to set up Security information.

Remember to keep the answers to your Security Questions safe to be used the next time you forget your password or username.

To set up security questions

  1. Click the Set-up Security Info button. The security Q & A pop up appears where you are prompted to choose a series questions. 

  1. Select the desired question from the Q drop down list. The A field appears.
  2. Enter the desired answer in the A field.
    Note: The answers you enter are not case sensitive.
  3. Continue selecting questions and entering answers until done.
  4. Click the Confirm button. The security information is saved.

To change your security questions

You can change your security questions any time by  navigating to the Settings menu once you have logged in  to Self-Service and selecting Security Questions.
  1. Choose the desired questions and enter the answers.
  2. Click the Apply button. The security questions and the answers are changed.

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