Personal Details in Cintra Cloud

Personal Details in Cintra Cloud

Cintra realises that there are occasions where employee data needs to be updated in your payroll system; whether this information is not available when setting up the employee, entered incorrectly or an employee's circumstances has changed etc.  

To make this process quick and easy,  we have introduced the Personal Details feature within Cintra Cloud, which enables Cintra Cloud payroll users to edit employee data. We have worked hard to ensure that your data is standardised (through the use of lookups) and is validated at the point of entry, so that all data saved to your Cintra Cloud system is correct and you have no invalid data in your payroll system.  

If you would like to find out more,  visit our How Do I Edit Employee Details in Cintra Cloud? help page. 

We are aware auditing of data is important. With this in mind, all changes (insert / update and delete) are captured in an audit log.  Cintra logs the type of change (insert/update/delete), when the change is made (date/time), the user who makes the change, and the before and after values. 

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