Cintra iQ Statutory Upgrade 2021/22

Cintra iQ Statutory Upgrade 2021/22

Your upgrade to Cintra IQ for the 2021/22 tax year is almost upon us and we’re excited to let you know that we’ve dramatically streamlined the process of performing upgrades, allowing you to carry out the upgrade whenever suits you best.  

What’s in the upgrade?

There are many fantastic new features within this upgrade. The highlights are:

  1. Statutory Changes - so that your software remains compliant for 21/22.
  2. MCR Implementation - If you are in education, this is the new pension submission format for Teachers’ Pension.
  3. Report Packs - Tired of producing multiple reports for your payrolls every pay period? Now you can create a pack so that all the reports that you want to run can be run together and saved to a location of your choice at a click of button.
  4. Self-Service P45s - You no longer need to print P45s and send them to employees once they’ve left. Now you can simply press a button and they’ll become available to employees in self-service.
  5. New Look IQ - We've had an amazing facelift, modernising how IQ looks. Take a look below

What do I need to do?

Are you hosted in Cintra's Cloud ?

If you are hosted on Cintra's Cloud environment you don't need to do anything, your Cintra team will automatically upgraded your environment in preparation for the new tax year.

Do you host Cintra applications on your own infrastructure?

  1. You can now download the latest version of Cintra IQ by clicking here, download this version and follow a few simple instructions to install the latest update. In most companies, it’s best if this is done by someone from your IT department but if you have the right level of access and are comfortable with installing software, then anyone can do it.  

  2. Why is this so good? In the past, installing an upgrade involved coordinating times and resource between your IT team and Cintra’s own support team when both would need to be available at the same time and communicate to get the job done. This would also typically happen at the weekend. With the new process, your IT team can do it whenever works for them within a two-week window. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, with no coordination headache.  ​

Release version 53
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