Troubleshooting: Self-Service Login

Self-Service Login Questions

From time-to-time you may have problems within Self-Service.  This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about problems with logging into Self-Service, date-of-birth, security questions etc.

Why can't I connect to the Self-Service site?

You may not be using the correct link. Have you checked the Self-Service link to see that you are trying to connect to the correct Self-Service site?

Where is my Self-Service account details email?

You may think that you have not received the email that contains the details of your Self-Service Account. This could be that given your email setup, it was directed to your Junk Email or Spam folders. Check to see if your Self-Service email has landed in there.

Why does my password not work?

Sometimes, a space or 0 can accidentally be added to the front of the password or at the end when you type or copy it  into the Password field of the Self-Service login page. Tip: Copy and paste the password into Notepad and then copy it from there before pasting it into the Self-Service login page. This removes any formatting issues.

Why is Self-Service not accepting my date of birth when I first attempt to log in? 

When you log into Self-Service for the very first time, as an extra security measure you are asked to enter your Date of Birth (DOB). If Self-Service doesn't accept your DOB, check with your HR Payroll department to ensure that your DOB is correct. Upon Self-Service setup, it may have been entered incorrectly.

Why is Self-Service asking me questions I did not set up?

If Self-Service doesn't accept your username, you will be asked random questions.  Perform the following:
  1. Check that you are entering your username on the correct Self-Service site.
  2. Check with your HR Payroll department to ensure that your username is correct. 

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