Version 68: Limiting Payroll Access and Defining Actions within Payroll Workflow

Version 68: Limiting Payroll Access and Defining Actions within Payroll Workflow etc

Limiting Payroll Access

Now when you create multiple payrolls within Employer Setup, you can grant user access to the desired payroll(s) instead of the user having access to all payrolls by default. This is useful in order to prevent any breaches of data. For more information, see How Do I Associate a Payroll to a PAYE Scheme?

Defining actions within payroll workflow

By using the Action Definition button within Payroll Workflow, you can now rename an action and reorder the sequence in which it listed within the Action pane to suit your needs. This makes it easier for you to process the desired actions instead of scrolling through a list.

Running report packs within payroll workflow

Now, you can run up to five Report Packs (Report Pack  1, Report Pack 2, Report Pack 3, Report Pack 4, and Report Pack 5) within the Payroll Workflow.  To run the Report Pack, perform the following:
  1. Create the Report Pack
  2. Rename the Report Pack action within the Payroll Workflow to match that of the relevant Report Pack.
  3. Sequence the order in which the Report Pack appears in the action list.
  4. Continue to set up the Report Pack Action. For more information about Actions, see the Payroll Workflow check list.

Reporting ER's national insurance contribution savings derived from salary sacrifice

The ERs NI Saving contribution pay elements for Salary Sacrifice can now be selected from the data picker when creating a Payroll Report. Please note that this is derived from the employee's Salary Sacrifice pension contributions.  The pay elements can be found under the following Available Fields:
  1. Payslip->Payslip Summary as columns->ERs NI Saving: [Salary Sacrifice contribution name]
  2. Payslip->Payslip Summary as columns->ERs NI Saving[YTD]: [Salary Sacrifice contribution name]

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