Version 65: Including Unchanged Payment Groups in Altered Pay Reporting and Adjusting Take On Tax

Version 65: Including Unchanged Payment Groups in Altered Pay Reporting

Including unchanged payment groups in altered pay reporting

Now, within the Altered Pay Report, you have the option to include payments within payment groups that have not changed between the selected payroll period and the previous payroll period.  To do this, select the Include Unchanged Payment Groups option in the Altered Pay Report form. For more information about Altered Pay Reports see How Do I Produce an Altered Pay Report?

Go to Cintra iQ: Payroll> Payroll Tools> Paying Out> Pay Employees. 

Changing BACS file formats

As a System Administrator, you can now change the format of the BACS files depending on the requirements of the BACS Service Provider (usually a bank). For more information, see How Do I Change BACS File Formats?

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